Proven probiotics, precise application, superior sampling.

We’re helping pet food manufacturers transform the industry and deliver better solutions for healthier, happier pets.

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More than a gut feeling; it’s science.

Trust Hollison - proven probiotics, precise application, superior sampling, no guesswork. Hollison delivers tailored solutions for market-leading results. Discover why our clients continue to choose Hollison for expertise, quality, and data-driven customized stable solutions.


We’re focused on providing innovative and improved food safety sampling solutions.

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Hollison Automated Sampling Systems

We seek alternate natural remedies versus chemical treatments.

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Engineering & Automation

We stand behind our products while forming a partnership with your company.

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Unlocking Probiotics' Potential:

Supporting Healthy Pets

Probiotics offer powerful support for healthy pets:

  • Promote gut health
  • Support increased microbial diversity
  • Help maintain healthy gut microbiota
  • Balance immunity

Boost Pet Food with Hollison:

Probiotics for Purity and Potency

The challenge for pet food manufacturers has been finding ways to ensure potency, product integrity, and efficacy when adding probiotics to their products. Probiotics can deteriorate over time, so a shelf-stable solution that maintains targeted levels over time is essential.

These challenges are not insurmountable. We can help. Improve the value of your pet food with Hollison, science-backed probiotics, and tailored solutions. Unleash growth, unlock market advantage.

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What Sets Us Apart

At Hollison, our focus is simple: to empower forward-thinking pet food manufacturers in delivering the highest quality products for pet well-being and customer happiness.

We do that in several ways, ranging from our science-based Protect® Probiotics to our advanced custom engineering capabilities and industry-best automated product sampling systems to ensure consistency and support safety in production.

We partner with our customers to create unique probiotic blends to help ensure that your products deliver on your brand promise.

Explore our unique capabilities, learn more about our innovative team, or contact us directly for more information.

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Explore our unique capabilities, learn more about our innovative team, or contact us directly for more information.