Engineering & Automation

Innovative, Custom Designs and Automated Systems Integration

Beyond Probiotics

Hollison delivers customized solutions that address our partners’ pressing needs. From CAD-powered mechanical design to robotics and programmable lock controller integration to custom machining, our team brings deep expertise and a solution-focused mindset to help you thrive.

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Expert Mechanical Design

Production lines require the right machinery, but mass-produced systems are often unavailable, too costly, or poorly suited to your production requirements. Our engineers work with your team to create custom, innovative designs.

Our ground-up services provide individualized, unique solutions ranging from conceptual drawings to technical documents and exploded or instructional views. Our team’s extensive experience means that we know what’s required to transform an idea into reality.

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Best-of-Breed Automated Solutions

Automation is a “must-have” within manufacturing facilities, but creating automated systems is not a simple process. Hollison’s engineering team delivers critical capabilities to inform each stage of the process. From the integration of our own TrueSampler™ system and probiotic application technologies to tailored implementation of custom systems throughout nearly every industry, we provide automation services that meet your expectations and timeline.

We’ve worked with clients across a range of industries, and our team provides combined robotics and vision systems to meet your unique requirements. That includes part inspection, material and workpiece handling, collaborative robots, and pick-and-place applications, among others. We also offer robotic system concept development, design, end-of-arm tooling, programming, and system build and installation.

Our team understands that each system must meet stringent requirements. We work with you from system conceptualization to installation to ensure that your solution is the perfect fit.

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In-House Machining

In need of custom tooling? Require an arm end for a robotics system unavailable from the manufacturer? Our in-house machining capabilities are the solution. Our team can design, manufacture, and integrate custom components for any job.

With CNC mills and lathes, we can quickly and accurately produce custom components required for your manufacturing or production processes, no matter what type of automation application you might have. We have deep experience providing cost-effective custom machining services that address core needs and exceed our customers’ expectations.

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