Supporting Whole Health

Probiotics can unleash better support for gut health in pets, helping you build market share and brand recognition while enhancing your pet food.

The Role of Probiotics in Pet Health

Our use of probiotics began as early as the 1900s when researchers like Elie Mechnikov hypothesized the potential for beneficial microbes to impact gut health. Over the next several decades, our understanding of the diverse roles probiotics play in supporting gut health and overall wellness has grown exponentially. Over the next several decades, we began to understand the diverse roles probiotics play in supporting gut health and overall wellness.

Today, we explore the diversity of probiotics beyond the cellular level to advance research and innovation. It’s not just humans who are taking probiotics, either. Our pets also need good gut health support to live happy, healthy lives.

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Not All Probiotics Are Created Equal

Bacteria are incredibly diverse. Some bacterial species or strains are delicate, while others are very hardy. Some are less heat-resistant, and some require very specific conditions to survive.

Finding the optimum blend of probiotic bacteria is critical to producing a high-quality product that supports pet health and lives up to customer expectations. Hollison’s Protect® Probiotics team works one-on-one with our partners to determine the optimum blend for each specific product and application.

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The Challenge of Incorporating Probiotics into Pet Food

An easy way to help pets maintain balanced gut health is to incorporate probiotics into their daily care and enrichment. However, many pet food manufacturing processes are too harsh for probiotic survival long-term. Heating, cooking, and extruding processes can severely damage and destroy probiotics.. Additionally, probiotics naturally degrade over time, translating to product instability. Ensuring enough probiotics are delivered to food to maintain sufficient levels over the shelf life of the product demands careful formulation. At Hollison, we’ve developed innovative, proprietary application technology that evenly applies probiotics to pet foods while avoiding destructive processing steps to optimize probiotic viability and deliver market-ready solutions.

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