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From next-generation probiotic formulations that maintain purity and stability to advanced sampling systems to streamline testing, compliance, and industry-leading engineering and automation capabilities, we can help.

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Unlock next-level pet food with Hollison.

Science-backed probiotics + industry-leading applicators + stability-tested formulations. Custom solutions to support gut health & creativity to drive growth for your product line. Let’s innovate.

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As our understanding of the gut microbiome grows, there’s increasing interest in adding probiotics to pet foods. Thanks to recent tech advances, the industry is delving deeper into how animals and their gut bacteria interact. At Hollison, we understand the critical role played by good bacteria, and we’ve committed ourselves to helping pet food manufacturers deliver the highest-quality products for pet parents and their beloved companions.

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Hollison Automated Sampling Systems

Sampling is a critical part of your production process and is key for compliance with regulatory standards and ensuring product quality. However, that often comes with a caveat – reductions in production and efficiency. At Hollison, we’ve pioneered groundbreaking sampling systems that ensure you’re able to maintain an optimum production pace, with no impact on efficiency, all while improving your sampling consistency and frequency.

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Engineering & Automation

Building a thriving pet food brand requires more than a commitment to using wholesome ingredients formulated to support pet health. It requires advanced production capabilities that improve productivity and efficiency while maintaining consistency and quality. Hollison’s engineering and automation capabilities range from programmable lock controllers and robotics to custom machining and CAD to create tailored systems unique to your requirements.

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A Partner to Facilitate Growth.
Proven probiotics, precise application, exact sampling.

Proven probiotics, precise application, superior sampling. It’s more than just a tagline, it’s our mission. Contact us to learn more about our solutions and how we can support your success.