Hollison Automated Sampling Systems

Manufacturing high-quality products requires the right ingredients for optimal nutritional values. It also requires following industry guidelines and government regulations for accurate sampling during the production process.

Product Sampling Simplified

Unfortunately, sampling can be problematic in several ways. It adds complexity to your production process. It can also erode efficiency and productivity while increasing costs, which must then be passed on to the customer or taken off the bottom line.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can comply with regulations, ensure you’re producing the highest-quality product possible, and save time while doing so. Hollison’s TrueSampler™ automated product sampling system is the key.

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Understanding the TrueSampler™ System

At Hollison, we understand the challenges food manufacturers face, and our industry-leading engineers have pioneered innovative technologies that address them. Our TrueSampler™ system provides near-continuous automated sampling and confidence in your products.

We designed the TrueSampler™ system to address common challenges we witnessed our customers experiencing, including:

  • Representative Samples Periodic grab sampling may not yield an accurate picture of product quality from batch to batch. Our automated TrueSampler™ system allows you to sample food near continuously, confidently yielding a comprehensive and representative sample.
  • Informed Decisions With more representative samples, you’re able to make more informed decisions regarding your products and your business.
  • Sustainable Sampling Grab sampling can be inefficient and creates product and packaging waste. The TrueSampler™ system eliminates that waste and enhances your efficiency.
  • Pays for itself within 9 Months The TrueSampler™ system delivers measurable ROI within as little as 9 months, and can pay for itself in 6 months in some cases, thanks to waste elimination and improved production capabilities.
  • No Human Contact Our TrueSampler™ system collects samples sanitarily, with no human contact necessary, which improves safety and reduces the potential for cross contamination.

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