Tom PayneEngineering Manager

    There’s not much Tom Payne hasn’t done in his over four decades of work and management in various Engineering and Mechanical roles. From a tool and die apprentice at Premium Allied Tool, to production specialist for MPD, Inc., to owner of his own mechanical engineering business, Tom brings a unique skill set and expertise to Hollison and its’ customers. His team of experts Engineers and Tool Makers can fix, build and customize any requirements for Hollison’s customers and local businesses. Their quality, expertise and productivity is unmatched.

    Tom’s education is as broad as his experience – he studied industrial electronics and earned a degree in Tool and Die Making from Owensboro Tech College. He and his wife Kathy, who works in Hollison’s Production Department, had retired and were enjoying five children and 14 grandchildren before Kevin Humphrey recruited them to join Hollison in 2015. Tom is available at

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